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We help businesses turn their ideas into something Real.

Our 3D printing services empowers businesses across multiple industries to turn their most innovative ideas into tangible reality. From rapid prototyping and functional parts to stunning architectural models, 3D printing opens a world of possibilities, unlocking new levels of productivity & creativity.

Unlock design freedom with our unmatched 3D printing services.

The benefits of Using a Professional 3D Printing Service Provider

Whether you’re a seasoned inventor, a home builder or a budding entrepreneur, our professional 3D printing delivers:

  • Rapid Turnaround – Get your prototype in your hands faster than ever, accelerating your design iteration and time-to-market.
  • Unmatched Customization – Design complex geometries and intricate details impossible with traditional methods, pushing the boundaries of your creation.
  • Material Diversity – Experiment with various materials like PLA, ABS, nylon, and even metal to find the perfect fit for your 3D print needs.
  • Expert Guidance – Our team of CAD experts and 3D printing specialists is here to guide you through every step of the process, from file preparation to material selection and post-processing.
  • One-Stop Shop – We’re your 3D workshop for all things 3D printing. From design consultations to post-print finishing, we handle everything in-house.
  • Big Dreams, Big Prints – We also specialize in large 3D prints, making us the perfect partner for projects that require grand scale printing.
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Expert 3D Printing Services

  • CAD/3D Design & Rendering
  • 2D to 3D Floor Plans & Printing
  • Functional Parts & End-Use Products
  • Large-format 3D Printing
  • Educational & Anatomical Models


Go green and boost your bottom line with 3D printing! Slash production costs by 50% and bring products to market 90% faster.

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3D printed Floor Plans

  • Architects & Designers: Bring your floor plans to life in vivid detail, allowing clients to visualize layouts, furniture placement, and traffic flow, fostering better communication and approval processes.
  • Realtors & Developers: Showcase future properties with stunning 3D models, captivating potential buyers and accelerating sales cycles.
  • Construction & Facilities Management: Facilitate effective collaboration and pre-construction planning by providing a tangible reference point for workers and stakeholders.
  • Property Management & Interior Design: Create accurate scale models to optimize space planning, furniture arrangements, and tenant communication.
3D Printing a House


When choosing 3D Workshoppe, you benefit from:

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Expertise & Personalized Service

We go beyond just printing – we’re your partner in the entire process.

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Unmatched Quality & Materials

We guarantee exceptional results that meet your specific requirements.

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Fast Turnarounds & Flexibility

We deliver your projects on time and adapt to your needs.

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Competitive Pricing & Transparency

You know exactly what to expect with our upfront pricing.

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We accept most popular 3D file formats, including STL, OBJ, and STEP.

Pricing depends on factors like design complexity, material choice, and print volume. Contact us for a free quote.

Yes, our expert designers can help you create or refine your 3D model.

We offer a wide range of materials, from standard plastics like PLA and ABS to engineering-grade materials like nylon and carbon fiber.

PAHT-CF, PET-CF, PA12-CF, PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, PC, UltraPA, Nylon (general), PVA, PET, Carbon/Glass Fiber, Reinforced Polymer

Anywhere from 48 hours to 1 Month.

Turnaround times vary depending on project complexity and volume. We offer expedited options for urgent needs.

Yes, you’ll receive updates on your order status throughout the process.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity and specifics of the project. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide a realistic timeline upfront.

Yes, our 3D printing services are highly customizable. We collaborate with clients to understand their specific requirements and tailor our services to meet those needs effectively.

We take data security seriously and protect your 3D designs with strict confidentiality measures.

You can contact us through our website or by phone to discuss your project. We’ll gather the necessary information and provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.