Bring Your Products to Life with Stunning 3D & Interactive AR

Convert Basic 2D Product Images to Interactive 3d

Unleash the Power of 3D & AR for Online Sales

Take your online store to the next level with Product Magic: a revolutionary service that transforms flat product images into captivating 3D models and interactive Augmented Reality experiences. No more static photos! Let your customers explore, interact, and even virtually place your products in their homes before they buy.

  • Shoppers zooming in on intricate details.
  • Furniture seamlessly visualized in living rooms.
  • Apparel effortlessly tried on virtually.

Engage Customers & Boost Sales - Unlock the Potential of 3D

Why Choose AR Business Boost?

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Stand Out from the Competition

Offer an immersive and interactive shopping experience that sets you apart. 80% of consumers prefer 3D visualization, leaving the competition in the dust (Shopify).

Boost Engagement & Sales

3D & AR increase product understanding by 80%, leading to 15% higher perceived value and 40% more page views (Shopify). Customers who interact with your products are more likely to buy!


Future-Proof Your Business:

AR is the future of online shopping. Be an early adopter and stay ahead of the curve.

Reduce Returns & Inquiries

Detailed 3D models and AR placement help customers make informed decisions, reducing returns by 30% and product inquiries by 85% (3Dsellers, BC).


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Benefits & Features

  • Expert Photogrammetry: Our team are photogrammetry masters, capturing stunning 3D models from multiple angles.
  • Seamless Integration: Embed 3D models and AR experiences directly into your website and marketing materials.
  • Mobile-Friendly: View 3D & AR on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Customizable Experiences: Choose the level of interactivity and features that suit your needs.
  • Fast Turnaround: Get your 3D models and AR experiences up and running quickly.
Level Up Your Fitness Brand

Engage Customers with 3D Product Magic!

Forget flat images, embrace the future! Engage customers with interactive 3D & AR experiences. Imagine them exploring your equipment, virtually trying it on, and placing it in their homes. Product Magic makes it possible.

Boost engagement, reduce returns, stand out from the crowd. Be an early adopter and attract tech-savvy customers.

Showcase details, enable virtual try-on, and let users place equipment in their homes with AR. Increase product understanding and brand trust.

Contact us today! Transform your fitness brand and leave the competition in the dust. Ignite customer engagement and reach new heights!

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Interactive 3D models increase product page views by 40%. Boost engagement and sales with AR experiences.

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shoppers consider product imagery the most important factor in online purchases (BC).
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We work with virtually any product! From apparel and accessories to furniture and electronics, we transform your flat images into interactive experiences.

No! Customers simply view the 3D models and AR experiences directly on their smartphones or tablets – no downloads or apps required.

Our photogrammetry technique creates ultra-realistic models with intricate details, and the AR feature lets customers interact with and virtually place products in their own space.

  • Absolutely! We offer various options, from basic 360° rotations to advanced features like product try-on or furniture placement with scaling.

Our turnaround time is efficient and could be done in as little as 1 week. But it’s not uncommon for us to take on projects that could take as long as 3 months. It depends on product complexity, total number of products and desired features.

We offer flexible pricing plans based on the number of products, desired features, and turnaround time. Contact us for a personalized quote!

Sure! We have a portfolio showcasing various applications across different industries. Visit our website or contact us for specific examples relevant to your products.

Our team provides seamless integration support, ensuring your 3D models and AR experiences are embedded smoothly into your online store or marketing materials.

Yes! We offer analytics tools to measure user engagement, product views, and potential impact on sales and conversions.

  • If you want to boost customer engagement, reduce returns, stand out from competitors, and embrace the future of online shopping, then Product Magic is definitely worth exploring! Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.