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Transform architectural blueprints into tangible, detailed 3D printed floor plans.

Perfect for real estate agents, architects, and developers looking to present spatial designs in a visually engaging way. Capture every detail with precision to facilitate better planning and client presentations.

Elevate your marketing with custom 3D printed QR codes.

Tailor them to fit your brand’s style and color scheme, ensuring they catch the eye while offering a modern touch to your interactive displays.¬†Ideal for menus, information sharing, and promotions.

Boost your business’s interactive potential with Augmented Reality.

Create immersive experiences that engage customers, enhance training, and visualize products in real environments. Ideal for retailers, educators, and marketers aiming to make a lasting impression.

Bring your products to life with Interactive 3D Products.

This solution allows customers to explore and interact with your products on your website or in a virtual space, enhancing understanding and boosting engagement. Perfect for demonstrations, exhibitions, and online retail enhancements.

Did You Know?

Fascinating Facts About Our Solutions

Discover some intriguing facts about how our innovative solutions are transforming industries:

  • 3D Printed Floor Plans: Real estate listings featuring 3D floor plans see online views increase by up to 52%, significantly boosting buyer engagement and accelerating sales processes.

  • 3D Printed QR Codes: Businesses utilizing custom-designed QR codes report a 200% increase in scan rates over standard QR codes, enhancing user interaction and engagement.

  • Augmented Reality for Business (AR Business Boost): Integrating AR into marketing strategies can boost conversion rates by up to 40%, as it allows customers to visualize products in their intended environment, aiding their purchase decisions.

  • Interactive 3D Products (Product Magic): Using interactive 3D models enhances understanding and retention rates by up to 75% compared to traditional 2D images, leading to higher likelihoods of product purchases.



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3D House

Transform ideas into tangible assets with our 3D design services, perfect for visualization, prototyping, and interaction.

Industrial Optical 3D scanner

Capture intricate details with precision using our advanced 3D scanning skills for accurate renderings and high-quality visuals.

3d printed objects on the table in the laboratory

Create anything from prototypes to final products with our versatile 3D printing services, offering a range of materials.

Augmented Reality Furniture Apps in Room for Interior Design

Enhance real-world interactions with our AR solutions, ideal for marketing, education, and immersive customer experiences.